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Modern Kitchen

Discover RUBBO

Elite supplier of European made furniture

RUBBO offers a wide range of furniture manufacturing services to secure every of your custom requests. We guarantee all our customers receive a professional and satisfying project process - starting from design phase, thru production monitoring up to final quality control, packaging and shipment. Learn more about RUBBO and how we work.

Our services

World class standard

RUBBO offers both production and design of your custom made furnishing.
We are also your gateway to the European suppliers.


Design and technical advisory

From sketch or drawing

Regardless if you have a ready made design or just an idea of it, inspired by photos or trends - we can help you to make it real.
Knowing best quality European suppliers, we will pick up the right technology, materials and create production projects that we can later execute at competitive prices.

Project Execution

From design to reality

Using our established suppliers and local manufacturers we can provide you with every project executed in weeks and delivered in door-to-door manner all around the world. Same time we stand for the quality and services behind it.


B2B solutions

Your representative in Europe (CEE)

If you are looking for a supplier of existing products or trying to find some new ones, we are here to help. Having over 25 years of experience on the local furnishing market, we can be your partner and advisory in any business connected with it.


RUBBO Bogdan Czubecki

Piotra Skargi 5
39-300 Mielec

+48 693538408

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