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Over a quarter of century experience.

Since 1993, when the RUBBO company was established we have been constantly expanding our portfolio and position on the furniture market.

Initially offering custom-made sliding doors and wardrobes as a representative of Komandor SA, same time acting as a business and technical management for Polish furniture manufactures.

Over the years we have created multiple business opportunities for our partners and delivered hundreds of personalized furnishing projects. 

We gained experience both in choosing the right technical approach and correct commerce evaluation of the furniture production processes.

At the moment we are using our vast expertise and contacts to provide you with the best quality products and price-manner execution of the projects.

Image by Ian Schneider


Experience, vision, attitude, involvement

Reach us to find out more about our work.


Bogdan Czubecki

Owner & Technical Manager

Bogdan is the head of the company. With his involvement and over 25 years of experience, there is none technical topic concerning furniture design and production that could not be solved. Having valuable (CEE) contact network and recognition within the market he can simply make things happen, bringing business to the table.

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